Why Some Boys Show Disinterest

One word: Mortality.

Jay Horne
5 min readMay 18, 2023


baseball boy
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I had trouble with my sons. Especially around the age of five.

They’re boys.
They like to do what they want to do, and there’s not much you can say or even scream at them to change their minds.
Threats do not deter them from adventure, neither does corporal punishment. Standing them in the corner imprisons you alongside them for their insubordination…

But, I mean, they’re five and then all of a sudden they’re fifteen.
There is nothing you can blame them for (at least not the five-year-old). Really, the ONLY thing you can do is lead by example.

But, they’re boys. And sometimes, well, the only example they ever really want to be led by is their own.

I remember running around the dugouts during little league baseball practice. I was the middle child. Stuck between an older brother and younger sister.
My fondest memories were of the concession stand.
Perhaps, because I was more concerned with the lemon heads than with the ball game.

My dad’s thing was baseball. How he loved it.
I might venture to say he put his dreams of being a professional ball player on hold to raise us children. Only he could know if that…



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