If you knew the truth, you would have absolutely no opinion of it.

Jay Horne
3 min readOct 9, 2020


truth lies and god

As a matter of fact, and I am speaking entirely with the language of a world that opinion has manufactured, you could not know the truth otherwise.

In truth, there is no matter, and there are no facts.

I find it laughable that lying has become one of the most unacceptable and punishable actions of mankind.

I don’t condone lying, but rather would like to point out, that there isn’t a person alive who has not lied for good reason.

I’m not speaking of personal gain, but in a way, self-preservation does play a part.

Most white lies are done in the name of relationships. This doesn’t mean merely to save them! In fact, sometimes, it is to solidify them, and to give them deeper meaning.

The prime example would be when God lied to himself.

Oh, Oh, Oh! Blasphemy, you say?

But, If it weren’t for that little fib, none of this would exist!

What? Do you think God is not a great storyteller? He may not have had much of an audience, but he has had all the time in the Universe to hone his craft.

You might think that being God, or best buddies with God, would be the coolest thing since sliced bread. But, you’d be wrong.

Being God — being All that exists, is very lonely. Because, there is nothing else!

When you know that you are all there is, was, and will ever be, how can you possibly have a genuine experience of someone saying, I love you, or great story, or good job?

Especially without first creating that person!?

Then, even if you did create someone to walk up and say,

“Hey, I love you and your work, God!”

You wouldn’t believe the love was genuine without also weaving a story to convince yourself that your creation came to that decision on their own terms.

Lucky for us, yes! God Is…



Jay Horne

Jay has been publishing for 12 years but was writing creatively since just a tike. His writing has matured but most of it is immature like Terry Pratchett's.