Thirteen Years as a Writer and Publisher in 2023

This has been my journey…

Jay Horne
10 min readMay 22


Image by Martha D. Horne

I’m going to start you at the present, after I have just finished bumping elbows with other writers at the Las Vegas Writer’s Convention.

With ten fiction titles floating around out there and after years of cleaning up my early messes, I’ve finally decided to step up to the plate and learn to promote the right way. Here, we’re talking about my dinner plate.

Lo, there will be no baseball here, sadly. Dad loved baseball. But something he did well that I still don’t was befriend people who shared common interests. He did the same thing with petroleum while building his gas station empire and also with exercise while building his running team.

I never had a problem producing content. I just avoided relationships and tended to be more like my father was in his old age rather than his middle ages. Keeping to my self, with an exception for very close loved ones.

Yet I was there in his prime, along with my brother and sister, to witness the massive fruits of my father’s mid-life labors. And we kids could eat an awful lot of fruit!

Now, I’m the Dad, so I have to start somewhere; branch out if I’m ever going to make a career of this. Well, what better place than a writing convention on a river and surrounded by my own children? Something Dad would have been proud of!

Las Vegas is a happening place, so what better city to host a convention for up and coming talent, right? Chevy Chase dared it with his family!

That’s why when I saw The Las Vegas Writing Convention coming up last month and heard about the new MGM Globe coming online this year to host U2, I jumped at purchasing tickets to the event.

I was hoping that the cards (no pun intended) would fall correctly and I might be able to coordinate my timeshare Hilton stay with U2, the writing convention, and a family outing!

Alas, U2 has announced their opening dates will be in October. The timeshare package was hell to book and ended up in Orlando of all places, and the convention, well, turns out it’s just going to be online.

So, yeah. Life is still exciting down here in the turquoise Prius where the cabin…



Jay Horne

Jay has been publishing for 12 years but was writing creatively since just a tike. His writing has matured but most of it is immature like Terry Pratchett's.