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Jay Horne
5 min readFeb 17
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There’s a lot to be said about writing fiction. For starters,

“I love it.”

I a man of few words. At least verbal ones anyway. But when it comes to putting a pen down, I can ramble on with the best of them.

I suppose I am the kind of guy that you could fall in love with as a pen pal, and learn to loathe in the flesh.

For me, life might be better as a mute.

Now, don’t go thinking that writing things down gives me an advantage. I mean, it’s easy to sound smart when you can write a draft and then use a thesaurus to brush-up the verbiage. Then, go back a little later and think about what you wrote, then change it around and sound a bit stronger, or more caring…

That’s not for me.

If you do any of that, well. You’re not genuine.

Who would want to do that anyhow? It just wouldn’t be any fun.

No, for me, writing is about discovery. It’s about finding out what my characters will do, what they’ll become, what absurdities they might utter or feel. If I already knew how a story would end, why bother writing it in the first place? Boring! (Though I will admit, I do have an ending in mind for my novels, but it’s so far off that I couldn’t possibly know what’s in between just yet.)

Maybe that makes me a terrible author? It’s definitely why I have countless books only part of the way written!
But, at least I can say I am genuine.

It’s fiction. The fun is in creating it. Fortunately, I have learned how to write and type quickly enough to keep up with my thoughts. Talking is a different story. It seems to take more time for my thoughts to reach my lips than it does for them to reach the tips of my fingers.
Maybe that’s what makes me a good martial artist, too?

I do find the patience to finish some of my works. But the end is always the hardest. Once I know what’s going down, then I really have to discipline myself to get it jotted.

Maybe I am a product of being able to flip channels on the TV unabated as a child? Most things in my life have always been that way. The journey is so interesting and I love it. But once the…

Jay Horne

Jay has been publishing for 12 years but was writing creatively since just a tike. His writing has matured but most of it is immature like Terry Pratchett's.