A Write to Act

Is it right to get what we want?

Jay Horne
3 min readMay 8


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My eye enjoys the sparkle of dew on the green blades of grass when I walk in the morning. Sometimes, that is one of the most enjoyable things I perceive in a moment.

Sometimes it is the color of a certain flower or the way I stop just before I faceplant into a huge orb weaver spider, not knowing what sense it was that won out and saved me first.

There are many things that I think are beautiful during my day-to-day affairs.

Sometimes I wonder if those beautiful things were put there just for me. Did the tulip bud this past season, just so I can define beauty on a misty morning?

If so, what joy and accomplishment it should feel when I caress it with my fingertip and enjoy its scent and thank the evening air silently as I continue on my jog!

Life is probably not like that.

But, I remember a time as a young man that I thought I knew exactly what I wanted in life. I knew that if I could experience one thing fully I would feel fulfilled.

I will share this experience with you, as odd as it is to share such personal treasures. I do so only because I think we all may have a buried treasure that needs uncovered.

I could see myself in a small house, built around a dojo where I might practice my gymnastics in the afternoons and evenings. It was set on an acre of land not far from what might be a sea. There was a trail that lead to that sea. About a mile long, so that one might jog in the morning after getting out of bed for a morning dip. It would make for a sandy and tough footed walk back home, but I never minded one bit when I imagined it.

There was a tower coming up from this house with a sort of lighthouse at top. I supposed that would be the perfect place for a writing desk. There was a place to pull up close to the kitchen and unload the groceries with ease. Stairs down from the kitchen and living area into the dojo…

As I recall this vivid memory, I wonder to myself.

I watch my children in awe as they live their favorite movies at Universal Studios and ride the experience. Yes, it is magical for them. Harry Potter is J.K. Rowling’s vision, and I can only imagine that…



Jay Horne

Jay has been publishing for 12 years but was writing creatively since just a tike. His writing has matured but most of it is immature like Terry Pratchett's.