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To boldly go,
is to go boldly where no man has before,

whether into the thicker font of a more deeply dipped pen,
or into the throes of various venereal diseases.

Where are those places where men go to be called bold?
Frontiers are the obvious answer,

whether into the final one called marriage or away from the slow drag of high-speed Fios in the back of a Nissan with William Shatner.

To venture bravely into space is to be as bold as the darkness enveloping the ship on a moonless and cloudy night while it slides along the sea,

Now what?

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Ten years is a long time.

I’ve tried all kinds of stuff to get my books seen by people. Never overly-pushy. Well, maybe one or two of my younger, more shameful, attempts.

I’ve tried ads, those stupid funnel things, years of blogging, making my own website (also for years), Facebook, Instagram, hell…
I’ve even stuffed a handful of books, that my kids wrote, into their arms and had them hand them out on a pier at the beach.

That horrified them.
“No one wants one of these books, Dad!”

It’s exhausting.
So, I gave up trying to get my shit in…

When they ask me why I do it, I just say, “Yeah, it’s hard. But, I just do it.”

army of darkness
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I never thought I’d meet Ash in real life.

I couldn’t shake thinking of one of his hands like a chainsaw and the other thumbing through the Necronomicon while trying to remember the correct words to chant.

But, this guy wore a kippah. Well, look at that! Devoutness is still a thing in 2021, or didn’t you realize?

A kippah is a loophole when your job won’t let you wear a hat and your customs require your head to be covered.

Most of the night he was complaining of being sore from the two basketball games he’d played before coming…

Ask the writing desk

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There was a boy whose head was full of books
but his brain was rocks

The more he thought he thought he could but
pick up a pen he’d not

Standing at a writing desk
feverish in thought

The wood begun to score itself

First a sentence
then a dot

Next a paragraph

Then through splinters and the knots
emerged a plot!

Then the finale


The boy stood there reading,
shaking stopped.

There you have it.

The first boy to craft a book and not make a single jot.

Written by Jay Horne

If you enjoyed this…

Where did the last year go?

time warp
Image by the author

It’s baffling.

Is there anyone who hasn’t looked back and said,

“Has it really been a year-and-a-half since the whole COVID thing started?”

Yeah. It has.

But how?

Science says it has to do with the fact that our memories clump similar stuff together. So, because we’ve been doing a lot of the same things since the pandemic, like working and loafing on the coach, over and over, our brain kinda says, yeah, that whole year was just one big day.

I know. It’s kind of sad when you think of it. And the fact is, I’m sure a lot…

If You Can Run, You Can Write

broken tennis racket
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My dad used to tell my older brother that he would win every race if he just ran it on his lips.

Our family has never been short on sarcasm or smack-talk. When we played sports, there was always someone bristling mad.
From the outfield of the little league ball-park you’d hear, “Hey batter batter, hey batter batter, hey batter batter, swing!”

That was probably the mildest of psych outs, but it was the beginning of a kind of sportsmanship which has been culled alongside all other types of conducts that might lead to someone’s panties ending up in a…

The Secret of Desire and how to Forge your Smiles into Riches

forge riches
Image from Wikimedia commons and edited by the author

It has been said that desire moves the past from slumber.

But if you were to see time from Dr. Manhattan’s perspective you would know that there is no separation between the past, present, and future.

If that, however esoteric, is true then, Desire moves all things.

In the only traditionally published book I wrote, Tower Hearts, there’s a passage about how people have the elements inside of them. The element of Fire, for example, is a person’s will.
Imagine a beaker of water over a Bunsen burner and the heat setting the water in the beaker to a boil. The…

Short Story | Children’s Horror

blue moon
Image by the author

Jeremy, who was nine-years-old, mostly kept to himself.

His walk home had been boring for the first month of fourth grade, until he had altered his usual course along the sidewalk and took a shortcut through the woods.

Less than a quarter mile from his house, he stumbled across an old playground, which became his secret pit stop and hiding place on report card days.
Even though a C in math made him happy, his parents thought he could do better.

The playground that he’d found was surrounded by a fence which had aged into…

Stop stealing my thunder!

amen brother ben
Image from Wikimedia Commons and edited by the author

Don’t judge me when I say I can sometimes get jealous of Jesus.
Maybe it’s one of those things where you hear someone’s name so often you just get tired of it.
I don’t know.

Recently, my totally innocent daughter of seven decided to accept Jesus as her savior by being baptized at our local church. Good for her, I was there and encouraged her lovingly.
I’m not a complete monster!

I get it, she’s a sinner, right?
I don’t know, is she?
That’s what the preachers would have us believe. Something about, we have to teach our kids how to do…

And, how to get to know yourself better. They go hand-in-hand.

hands together
Image via and edited by the author

I recently wrote an article about the time of Galileo and how, as a people, Earth used to be considered the center of the Universe.

To really make a substantial change in your relationships, it is going to take an “AHA!” moment like Newton had when the apple hit him smack on the head.

Spoiler Alert: He learned that Earth wasn’t the center of the Universe.

One thing I’ve figured out is, no matter what might actually be the center of the Universe, there is no stopping it from moving. Even the sun is revolving around something bigger.

There is…

Jay Horne

Jay Horne is an author and publisher out of Bradenton, Florida. As a father, he enjoys writing teen and young adult. Read his stuff FREE at

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